Here we are again

Almost a month after my last post, we’re back here again. From once a week, it turned into once a fortnight and now it’s been a month, just so I don’t end up giving my life savings to beeminder.

One of the things about beeminder that took some getting used to is the idea of days till derailment. When you set your goal, you can include some buffer days so even if you a miss a habit / goal, you won’t immediately derail. If you have a large buffer it makes it easy to skip a few days and fall into the pattern of not doing it, until it’s too late.

For something like writing a blog once every week, the space between each week makes it even harder, since it’s not in your face. I remember setting out to do this (again) full on enthusiasm but not writing and life just got in the way.

But life always gets in the way, and no real appreciable change or great endeavour was ever achieve by giving up or letting yourself off the hook. I’ll keep trying.

Written on April 21, 2019